Zip Coconut Disposable Charcoal Bbq

Zip Coconut Disposable Charcoal Bbq

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  • The ZIP instant Light Disposable BBQ Grill is fast lighting, convenient and mess free. Made using coconut shell briquettes, it has a cooking time of up to 2 hours so there is plenty of time to grill for everyone! Enjoy Barbecuing!
  • H5cm x W31cm x D25.5cm
  • Up to 2 hours cooking time
  • No food tainting
  • Ready to cook in 20 minutes



  • Warnings: This product extreme heat: care must be taken when using, handling and disposing of the product after use. THIS PRODUCT WILL EMIT CARBON MONOXIDE WHICH HAS NO ODOUR. NEVER BURN CHARCOAL INSIDE HOMES, VEHICLES OR TENTS. USE ONLY IN WELL VENTILATED AREAS. Never use in an area where disposable BBQs are prohibited. Never use lighter fluid or other flammable liquids or solids on the barbecue. Never leave the barbecue unattended. Always keep children and pets away from the barbecue and barbecue area. Never touch, attempt to lift or move the barbecue once lit, whilst in use, as it quickly becomes very hot. If food sticks to the grill use an appropriate utensil to remove; do not use your hands. To extinguish, use drinking water only.