Captain Morgan Dark Rum 70 Cl

Captain Morgan Dark Rum 70 Cl

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Captain Morgan The Original Rum is a premium blend of five rum marques from three different Caribbean countries, creating rich complexity of flavour. With its intense colour and rich caramel and vanilla notes, the full-bodied taste is perfect for those who seek authentic adventure with their crew.

Captain Morgan The Original Rum is blended according to an age-old recipe of rums from Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados.
After distillation, the rum is aged for at least two years in charred oak barrels before the Ron Maestro (master blender) performs his art in the secret blending of the finished liquid.
The result is a superior quality rum with a rich and smooth taste. Flavours of toffee and vanilla are perfectly balanced by the smoky cask finish.

Enjoy the legendary full-bodied flavour in a tankard over ice, served with Cola or fiery Ginger Ale and a twist of lime. Captain Morgan The Original Rum blends brilliantly with a wide range of mixers, so also lemonade and fruit juices deliver a refreshing result.

Captain Morgan was a real life person in the 17th century Jamaica. Starting out as a buccaneer, later becoming a captain and ending up as the governor of Jamaica, Morgan's colourful life was full of fun adventures with his crew. In Jamaica his interests turned to his sugar cane plantation and the perfection of a rum worthy to bear his name. The spirit of Sir Henry Morgan lives on in his legendary rum drinks.
Live Like the Captain!