FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Essential Questions

  • Minimum Spend - £15
  • Delivery Cost - Introductory offer - FREE delivery until end of June
  • Delivery Period - 10am - 9pm
  • Delivery Time - Within two hours of ordering or during your specified delivery slot (Times may vary during peak times)
  • Challenge 25 - Our drivers have the right to refuse delivery if you cannot comply with Challenge 25 on age restricted items

And when things are not going your way...

We are constantly adding new products & features to our platform. If you run into any issues at all please get in touch with our support team by the following methods:

I have not heard of Grocery Grab before, is this a Scam?

No we are not a scam, but don't just take our word for it!

Check us out on Trustpilot and check out our social media pages for regular updates. Reach out to us directly on social media, email or just give us a call!

We understand that during the lockdown period, we have seen big increase in fake delivery services and phising scams. please have a look on this story for more information on this. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-52361618

This is also why Grocery Grab has come about at this time. We want to help build a trusted service within our communities to offer a delivery service you can rely on, especially during these uncertain times. 

Do you delivery to my area?

Check out our postcode checker page.

We are still expanding our delivery coverage. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved in expanding our coverage as an advocate or a driver. 

Why are the prices different to my local store?

To help provide an online presence for our local businesses, there are small costs to setup and maintain our website and our drivers. Currently we have had to add a small varience to the items on offer; but as we grow and our number of orders increase our prices will decrease as we pass on the savings directly to you and the community. 

Why have I received some substitued items?

We strive to provide all the items that we offer on our site. Unfortunatley due to the current circumstances and how busy the shops are, we are unable to track the stock levels in real time. So some items may be available at the store on that day. If the item or its closet equivilant is not available we will always call you to confirm the exchange, or offer a no quibble refund. Alternativley we can always arrange for another delivery slot for when the items are back in stock. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this.

Do you offer any limitations on quanties?

As stock levels in the UK are returning to normal, we have not implemnented a hard limit on the number of items you can order for one item, but we will be operating a fair basket policy to maintain the availability of items for the wider community. If we see that someone is taking advantage of the system, we reserve the right to cancel their order.  

What about the 'Corona'?

Is ordering through Grocery Grab Safe?

During these testing times, it is our prerogative to offer the safest service possible to our customers, drivers and local stores.

You can indicate if you wish to have 'contact-free delivery' or any other special requirements you need in our notes section at check out. We will adhere to your situation as best as possible. Our drivers have been provided with masks and gloves, sanitation kits and will drive alone during pick-ups and drop offs.

How does contact-free delivery work?

If you indicate on your order you would like contact-free delivery, our driver will leave your delivery outside your door or at a location you specify, then they will contact you to say your order has arrived.

Using Grocery Grab

How Does it Work?

You can order through our website which is also compatible on any modern-day smartphone. The main steps are:

  • Add items to your basket and then checkout
  • Enter your post code to see if a driver is in your area
  • Enter the delivery slot you require
  • Enter the delivery address 
  • Enter your phone number in case you need to be contacted for the order
  • Make an online payment
  • Sit back and relax until our driver delivers your order!

Is there a mobile app for IOS/Android?

No, we do not have mobile app to download at the moment, but the service is accessible on mobile via http://www.grocerygrab.co.uk and supports any modern-day mobile web browser.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

Our drivers cannot take cash payments and do not carry any change on them. Payments can only be taken through our website. 

Can I place an order through via phone/email?

Unfortunately, as our payments can only be taken through our website, we do not support phone or email orders. Although, if you do require any special assistance in ordering in this way, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your needs. 

What if there is an issue with my order?

If you have any issues with accessing the site, unable to checkout, or missing items, just reach out to us via oen of the methods on our Contact Us page.

Terms & Conditions

Click Here to see our full Terms & Conditions. 

Join Our Team!

Grocery Grab is looking to partner up with more local businesses and drivers. If you are interested please get in touch through one of the methods on our Contact Us page