About Us

Who are we and where do we come from…?

In homage to our beloved gameshow hosts of yesteryear, this is understandably the most common question asked of us being the new kids on the block. So, without further ado…

“We are Grocery Grab and we are a local UK technology start-up operating since 2017”

Founded by four Midlands-based residents with the idea to build a low-cost and comprehensive grocery delivery service for smaller communities who are moving more and more online. Our business model and delivery platform has been built with local grocery stores in mind. We help them provide their customers with an easy and secure way to order and pay for groceries from the local store; which also supports the local community.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to provide our local grocery stores an online platform to stay relevant in today’s era. As a result, this will help local stores provide a better, real-time service for the evolving community. This will also help people who are at risk and cannot leave their home to be serviced by members of their community as well as provide more local jobs.

What are our values?

Humans are naturally sociable and thrive in group and communities. At the core of our communities are the individuals who provide goods and services to care to our everyday needs. In the modern day, this has always been the local store, providing the essentials as well as being the heart of the social exchange for its local residents.

We are all moving to a more technology focused and ‘always-online’ society, our communities as we know them are coming under threat. In particular, the local grocery store, newsagent, corner shop, off-licence and even local markets are going away faster than we think. Nowadays, it is deemed if you are not online you are not relevant, which when you think about it, it should be the reverse which is true.

Grocery Grab’s pledge is to help local businesses tackle ‘big-business’ who has taken away their patrons without any form of consideration or consultation for the communities they support. Local businesses are struggling at the moment and will continue in the future unless we take action now. We want to provide low cost, easy to use platform for these stores to have a better online presence and reach out to their community to sustain the business technology revolution. They need our support. The government preaches more investment for our communities, but with recent events we now know we need to take action ourselves.  

The result will create a high-quality grocery delivery service that customers are happy to use and supports the community.

Why are we launching now?

In these unprecedented times, having access to food and groceries is critical service for us all that we never thought would become under threat, especially people who are at risk and in need of additional help. Grocery Grab has always envisioned that community-lead services are the cornerstone to a successful community, and this is exactly what we have seen. We want to play our part in building up the community spirit and hope to promote this further when the lockdown is over.

What is our future?

Our ambition is big, but our mindset is local. We plan to use our platform to reach out all across the UK, reaching even the smallest of towns, villages and communities to help get them online. We want to reachout to those communities where the likes of Tesco, Amazon or even the government are struggling to get to. Our service will give them an easy access to tools to compete in this new 'always-onlne' world, while they can carry on doing what they do best, utilising their local know-how and serving the local community.


Want to find out more?

If you would like more information on what we do or want to get involved, feel free to reach out via any of the methods on our Contact Us page.